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Nice Notes and Sentiments from My Colleagues

Thank you again for your brilliant leadership. I am impressed! I really enjoyed the performance, and I appreciate all your hard work - Cynthia M.

 There aren't many people in this city that possess the combination of outstanding musicianship, leadership, diplomacy and professionalism to successfully conquer this gig. Your on top Bob - Lee G.

One of the things I like about Washington is the high caliber musicianship and teamwork.  You are to be commended for making it all work out. I hope to work with you again - Dallas S.

It was a real pleasure of playing with you and I hope to see you again when you need a bassoon or a contra bassoon. It was really an exciting experience and a wonderful event - Dilyana K.

Kudos to you for a great job. Thanks - Phil McC

It was a pleasure working with you and I'm glad to hear that the client was very satisfied - Celeste B.

This was really a "fun" gig. No, I mean it!  I thought you picked a great group to work with and it was great to see everyone again.  You chose some "classy" music and conducted it well. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. All my best - Paul S.

Thanks for everything!  It was a special event I and I totally enjoyed playing for you.  You have such a relaxed and pleasant manner about you that smooths over any difficult element of the job.  Well done! - Jim D.

Thanks Bob! Where are the pictures? - Jennifer H.

Thank you, Bob. It always is a pleasure...working with this musical organization is something I always take pride in - John J.

Congratulations Bob. I was proud and happy to be a part! - Michael M.

Thanks for the kind words and the work!

Bob, yes, all was good.  Bebe was certainly a first class performer.  Thanks for the call, always a pleasure - Pete B

Hello Bob, and thanks for the nice followup letter from last week.  I know a good time was had by all and those 110 musicians all appreciate the quality work you provide.  Wish there was one a month!  BTW, I heard more than one person comment on what a good conductor you are.  Where did you get your training?  I admit, until recently I only knew you as a bass player/bandleader (fine as well) but this is a whole new're - Scott R.

On behalf of the guys (and the girls), thanks for the opportunity. You generated the gig. We just played it (under your excellent direction) - Robert V.